Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra (IBULOrk), is a newly established computer-based ensemble with 7 musical instruments each consisting of a laptop computer and interfacing equipments. Founded in the spring of 2009, IBULOrk is the first laptop ensemble of Turkey.

Each instrument consists of a laptop computer and a variety of control devices (keyboards, knob/slider controllers, midi-controlers, sensors, and others), and the software Max/MSP. By placing the sensors such as accelerometers, light sensors, etc. into the performance area, the audience will be in a specific interaction with the performance. By processing the sounds collected from Istanbul’s acoustic ecology, IBULOrk is in constant migration among universal textures without being assimilated.

The audience and the students who perform in this ensemble act as both performers and composers. This is a performance to create, explore, learn and experiment which assures its fluidity and uniqueness.

Director: Tolga Tüzün

İstanbul Bilgi Universitesi Laptop Orkestrası IBULOrk