Documents Required for Registration

The below information is relevant for Turkish Citizens.

If you are an international applicant, you must apply via the international office. Info concerning international applicants can be found on:

(Buradaki bilginin Türkçe halini görüntülemek istiyorsanız:

Required documents during online application:

  • Document showing results of the required exams. (TOEFL, IELTS, YÖS etc.)**
  • ID (or passport) and a copy of the ID
  • Photo
  • Receipt for the paid entrance fee
  • 2 reference letters
  • Portfolio

The entrance fee is 500 Turkish Liras (2024), and can be paid via Garanti Bank.

Bank Account:

Garanti BBVA Beyoğlu Ticari Şubesi IBAN : TR45 0006 2001 6710 0006 2013 02
Hesap adı : İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi

Reference Letter: Reference letters should be filled in by musicians or music instructors whom the applicant has worked with, and who know the applicant as well as to comment on their musical abilities, and to be delivered in a closed envelope. You can find the reference letter on the department’s website. Reference letters should be closed and sealed. Reference letters should be handed to the staff of the Music Department attendant on the day of the entrance exam.
Click to download the template for the reference letter.

Portfolio: A portfolio is a collection of works by the applicant, which are chosen to reflect her/his relationship with music. You can include only up to 3 works in this portfolio. The types of works which you can include in your portfolio are as follows:

  • Compositions and/or arrangements written in score.
  • Composition and/or arrangements recorded as a sound file.
  • Recordings of musical performances by the applicant.

The content of your portfolio is left to your decision. You should be careful to collect the works which you think would represent you the best. If you include teamwork or the music of a band/group, you should definitely inscribe which part/role in the supposed work you precisely took. You should put your name on every single media you give as your portfolio (score, mp3 file, etc)

Turkish citizens should deliver their porfolios on the day of the written exam physically (i.e., digital files in a usb-stick or as hard-copies) International applicants should send their portfolios to as attachments or via an unlimited cloud service, with the subject “Bilgi Music – International Application”. Please be sure that you have allowed us to access your files.

*Applicants without Turkish citizenship, or with a dual/multiple citizenship should check first with the International Students Office at santralistanbul ÇSM-210, to see if they are fit to apply.

**Registration for our exams is only coordinated with our international admissions office. We are not responsible for any issues caused by third parties (agencies or persons) you may contact.