About Entrance Exam

About Exam

İstanbul Bilgi University, Music Department gets students with Special Skills Test. Tests are done every year in August.

You can follow the information about exam applications and test calendar through Music Department website.

There is no age limitation considered for applications.
Alongside the results of written exams, portfolios and interviews, TYT(Higher Education Institutions Examination – Basic Proficiency Test) and OBP(High School Graduation Point) points are also taken into consideration during evaluation.
(You can learn the minimum TYT score required in order to attend this exam in 2021, from İstanbul Bilgi University, Student Affairs.)

For foreign student candidates, please get in touch with BİLGİ international office.

 Written Exam: Written examination is done publicly, takes about 3 hours and consists of four steps listed below. The candidates who have scored below the average for four stages will not be invited to oral exam. When you attend to this exam, it is enough to bring your pen, pencil and eraser.

  • Audio Recognition: In Audio Recognition section, audio samples will be played for measuring the hearing ability of candidates. Candidates will be asked to identify the distance of notes from eachother, their nuances, identity / differences in degree, duration and so on.
  • Music Perception: In the Music Perception section, candidates will listen various styles of music to answer the questions about recognition of musical genres (reggae, funk, etc.), musical instruments and musical styles.
  • Theory: In Theory Exam candidates will be asked to answer the questions about note values, notation, identification of the written vocal range and triton chords (triads, five), open writing of defined sound intervals/chord, modes, accidentals and so on.
  • Composition: Candidates will be asked to write an article up to 500 words about a subject will be given during the Composition Exam.

Oral Exam: Oral Exam is made individually and interviews are lasted approximately 10 minutes for each candidates. Oral Exam will consist of the following sections:

  • Project: Project will be prepared by only those invited to Oral Exam. The candidates who invited to the Oral Exam will be distributed into two days. The Project that will be prepared for the Oral Exam will be announced in the previous evening of the Oral Exam, from the Music Department website.

The Project will be on performance, so within the given time of preparation you will not need to make any recording. When preparing your performance, you need to focus on how to express the asked question in a musical manner. When you are performing, you can use acoustic and electronic tools, your voice and body, or objects that are not a particular musical instrument but sonorous objects (coins, toys, table etc.) This project designed to see in what extend you can show your creativity within a limited time. Therefore it is important for you to think as flexible and open as possible and reflect it to your performance to success your exams.

  • Portfolio: The exam jury will asked questions about your delivered portfolios.

The file that contains the studies of candidates to demonstrates their relationship with music calls “portfolio”. You can put up to 3 works to your portfolios. Your portfolio may include:
• Notations of compositions and/or arrangements.
• Sound files of recorded compositions and/or arrangements.
• Sound files of your performances.

Determining the content of your selection is left to your own decision. You should pay attention to put together the works that you think can represent you in the best way. If there is any group works in your portfolio, you must specify that in what point you contributed to the work. You must write your name on all works that are included in your portfolio (score, mp3 file, etc) The portfolio will be delivered online by sharing the cloud service link on online application system.

  • Instrumental Performance: Candidates who want to play in the Oral Exam are obliged to bring their own instruments -except pianists and drummers- (amps for instruments are available). Coming to the Exam in the appointment time with tuned instruments and opened fingers are important for you to use the limited time that we reserved for you efficiently.

The selected work can be in any style that is chosen by the candidate. Playing more than one work is not suggested. While you are selecting the work to play us in this exam, for identifying you in the best way, we encourage you to submit a work in a style that you know very well and feel comfortable with.

  • Composition Presentation: You can bring to Oral Exam a composition or arrangement that is not included in your portfolio. We can listen this work and ask questions about it in the period that is reserved for you.
  • Talking About Music: In order to understand your point of view about music, we will chat with you during the Oral Exam. For this reason, it is important for you to be aware of how you are approaching to music.