About Entrance Exam

Istanbul Bilgi University, Music Department admits students with a Special Skills Test. Tests are done every year in July or August.

You can follow the news about application details and dates through the BILGI Music website.

There is no age limitation for applications.

Alongside the results of the test and the scores given by the jury to portfolios and interviews, TYT(Higher Education Institutions Examination – Basic Proficiency Test) and OBP(High School Graduation Point) points are also considered during the evaluation.
(These are for TR citizens; for requirements for foreign candidates, please contact BILGI international office.)

1. Written Exam: The written examination takes approximately 3 hours and consists of four steps, which are listed below. The candidates who have scored below the average out of all four stages will not be called for the interview. On the day of the exam, it is enough to bring your pencil and eraser.

  • Listening Analysis: In this section, candidates will be asked to identify musical genres (reggae, funk, etc.), musical instruments, ensembles, and musical styles.
  • Aural Perception: In this section, candidates will be asked to identify basic sound attributes in given excerpts, such as pitch, duration, rhythm, and timbre, as well as basic sound effects, such as eq, distortion, etc.
  • Theory: This section will involve basic music theory around subjects such as chords, scales/modes, rhythmic grouping, transposition, etc.
  • Composition: Candidates will be asked to write an essay of up to 500 words on a subject given on the spot.

2. Interview: Interviews are done individually and last approximately 10 minutes each. The oral exam consists of:

  • Project: Those who are called for the interview are expected to prepare and present a project. The project will be based on a subject/concept, promptly given the evening before the interview. Projects can be in any medium, namely a performance or a recording, without any stylistic restrictions. In their presentation, the candidates are expected to clarify their approach to the given concept and their thought process.
    Candidates who wish to play an instrument during their project presentation are obliged to bring their own instruments (except pianists and drummers). Amps and other necessary studio equipment will be provided.
  • Portfolio: You must provide a selection of audio/video recordings, scores, texts, or any material that represents you as a musician. The jury may ask questions about your portfolio.
  • Talking About Music: The Jury may ask questions about your approach to or experience in music.


-All candidates are expected to be present on campus an hour before the exam.

-Mobile devices are not allowed in the exam hall. If you have your phone with you you’ll have to hand it over to the supervisor for the time during the exam.

-Candidates should bring their own pencils and eraser as the department won’t provide any of these.

-There will only be one break during the whole exam. For this reason it is advised that candidates should meet their basic needs before entering the hall.