Tolga Zafer Özdemir


Tolga Zafer Özdemir(1975) studied with Faris Akarsu individual piano and music theory lessons during his Management School. Later on, he had a chance to study with Kamran Ince, İlhan Usmanbaş and Fernando Benadon in MIAM/ITU. Getting his DMA from University of Memphis, Dr. Özdemir currently teaches at Bilgi University, İstanbul.

As an ambition, Özdemir likes to absorb as many cultures as possible, from east to west, past to now. With this in mind, he designs his compositional language with many ornamented layers, blended in various degrees, aiming to find a music not only “polyphonic”, but also “unicultural”.

Rather then call himself a “composer”, prefers “curious”, he also extended his research into:

“Ancient Middle-East Music Theory”
Understanding mathematics and music through Mesopotamian Tablets…

Musical calculator and compass…

“Ellipse of Fifths”
Interconnected Circle of Fifths, gravity and direction

“Harmonic Chaos Theory”
Based on “Harmonics and Time”